The Character and Duty of Preachers, as Ministers of Christ and Stwards [sic] of the Mysteries of God Delineated; And the Duty of People to Receive and Treat Them as Such, Inforced.
Naumachia, or Hollands Sea-Fight (1622)
Gods Goodnes and Mercie Layd Open in a Sermon, Preached at Pauls-Crosse on the Last of Iune. 1622. by Mr. Robert Harris, Pastour of the Church of God in Hanwell in Orford-Shire [sic]. (1624)
Onomatophylacium: Or, the Christian Names of Men and Women, Now Vsed Within This Realme of Great Britaine, Alphabetically Expressed. by I.P. Publike Writer. (1626)
An Antidot for Lazinesse, or a Sermun Against the Capitall Vice of Sloth and Sundrie Evill Effects Thereof by L.R. (1624)
The Funeralles of King Edward the Sixt Vvherin Are Declared the Causers and Causes of His Death. (1560)
Ja, Aber Wenn Ich Gehen Muss, Dann Gehst Du Mit!
Elderly Depression
Certaine Grievances Well Worthy the Serious Consideration of the Right Honourable, and High Court of Parliament (1640)
FPGA Based Image Compression
Prevention of Acute Drug-Related Mortality in Prison Populations During the Immediate Post-Release Period
Bullet Proof World
A Practical Guide to Developing and Implementing School Policy on Diet and Physical Activity
Mas Noche Que Ayer En La Noche
Recetas Para Crecer En Tiempos de Crisis
Protocol Amending the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters/Protocole D'Amendment a la Convention Concernant L'Assistance Administrative Mutuelle En Matiere Fiscale
A Short Instruction Vnto Christian Religion Briefly Noting Our Profession, Exercise, and Obedience Required of Vs in This Life. by Thomas Pearston. (1590)
An Enterlude Called Lusty Iuuentus Liuely Describyng the Frailtie of Youth: Of Nature, Prone to Vyce: By Grace and Good Councell Traynable to Vertue. [...] (1550)
A Sermon Preached at Trafford in Lancashire at the Mariage of a Daughter of the Right Worshipfull Sir Edmond Trafforde Knight, the 6. of September Anno. 1586. by William Massie. (1586)
A Dyalogue Bitwene the Playntife and the Defendaunt. Compyled by Wylliam Caluerley, Whyles He Was Prisoner in the Towre of London (1535)
School Violence in Nigeria
The Scourge of Drunkennes. by William Hornby Gent (1618)
Gods Goodnes and Mercie Laid Open in a Sermon, Preached at Pauls-Crosse on the Last of Iune. 1622. by M. Robert Harris, Pastor of the Church of God in Hanwell in Oxford-Shire. (1626)
Applications of Item Response Theory to Explore Rater Data Quality
Family Relations and Parenting Styles of Drug Using Young Adults
A True Declaration of the Troublesome Voyadge of M. Iohn Haukins to the Parties of Guynea and the West Indies, in the Yeares of Our Lord 1567. and 1568 (1569)
[the Complaynte of the Louer of Cryst Saynt Mary Magdaleyn.] (1520)
Information for Susanna Countess of Strathmore, and Mr. James Lyon, Brother-German to the Deceast Charles Earl of Strathmore, ... Against James Carnegie of Finhaven, Pannel
A Newe Almanacke and Prognostication, Seruing for the Yere of Our Lord God M.D.Lxxj. Wherin Is Shewed the Varietie of the Ayre ... (1571)
Synaxis Sacra; Or, a Collection of Sermons Preached at Several Communions; Together with Speeches at the Tables, Both Before, AT, and After That Work
Solidarity Economy: Building Alternatives for People and Planet
The Lord Beilhaven's Speech in Parliament the Second Day of November 1706. on the Subject-Matter of an Union Betwixt the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England.
Au Pair
TcL Scripting for Cisco IOS
Advances in Computers: Volume 80
Musicologia: Musical Knowledge from Plato to John Cage
de Termino Michaelis. Anno Regni Regis Henrici Octaui. XVIII. (1569)
Novem. 24 Num. 7. the Weekely Newes Containing These Particulars. the Surprising of Tvvo Tovvnes by the Prince of Oranges Forces, and the Manner of Their Taking. (1624)
A Direction for the Plantation in Vlster Contayning in It, Sixe Principall Thinges. (1610)
A Ioynt Attestation, Avowing That the Discipline of the Church of England Was Not Impeached by the Synode of Dort (1626)
The Scrying
The Road to Qua ~ Qua Farm
A Sermon Preached at the Court at White Hall Before the Kings Maiesty, Vpon Sunday Being the 13. of May 1604. by Anthony Rudd Professor of Diuinitie, and Bishop of Saint Dauids (1604)
Pretty, Never Saved Me No Pain
Christian Prayers for Friends: A Guidebook for Personal Prayers
The Last One Up
A Call to Duty
Growing Through Grief 3rd Edition
Star Schema The Complete Reference

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